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Men Against Violence Peer Education

Men Against Violence Officers and Advisor with text saying, "Men Against Violence Meets on Monday's at 5:15 PM in the second floor conference room of the Student Health Center. Follow or like Men Against Violence on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at @MAVTXST."
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  • November Events

    • As people living in the border state of Texas, it is important to stay informed about issues that are happening to people in our community/the community around us. This Monday we will have a guest speaker to discuss immigration, what it looks like and how it affects people around us. We will also have an opportunity at the beginning of the meeting for you to register to vote in Hays County. Join us for an informative discussion and a chance to get your voters card.

    • As MAV, we spend lots of time talking about gender socialization and it’s important to stay intersectional. In this meeting we’ll be having a comprehensive discussion on trans issues and what it means to be trans today.

    • Join us for a fun game of Jeopardy.

    • In this meeting we will be taking a break from our main content to spend some time with what we’re grateful for. Come out to learn more about how gratitude makes us as individuals happier more balanced people.

Men Against Violence's Mission

Men Against Violence (MAV) seeks to break the link which exists between traditional norms of masculinity-the ways men are taught to behave-and violence. It challenges young men to redefine male and female relationships in an equitable manner; to resolve conflicts effectively; to develop meaningful friendships with other men; and to appropriately manage anger and fear.

What is Men Against Violence (MAV)?

MAV is a peer education team at Texas State. It is an educational resource for the Texas State community of faculty, staff, student organizations, residence halls and the surrounding communities. The MAV members are trained to present the following violence related programs:

  • Yes Means Yes: Getting Consent
  • Alcohol Bystander Intervention Training
  • Hate Wears Many Faces
  • Red Flags in Relationships
  • Cyberbullying 

Visit the Presentation Request Form to request one of these presentations.

Joining MAV

Joining MAV has many benefits. It provides you with a chance to increase your knowledge about violence-related issues, gain self-confidence, improve your communication skills, and to provide a needed service on your campus.

You should consider joining MAV if you have a desire to work with the Texas State community, motivation to increase knowledge of violence, and a sincere concern for the overall being of yourself and other students. MAV members must be able to work independently or on a team and have the ability to be open-minded and non-judgmental when discussing sensitive issues.

For more information on joining MAV, call 512.245.2161, visit Health Promotion Services located in Suite 201 of The Student Health Center, or email

MAV Meetings

MAV has meetings every Monday at 5:15 pm in the Student Health Center Conference Room 202. All students are welcome.

MAV Resources

Jackson Katz is an internationally recognized prevention educator that works in gender violence prevention in schools. He is an educator, author, filmmaker, and social theorist who is recognized as one of America's leading anti-sexist male activists.

Jackson Kats Website

Meet our Men Against Violence Officers

Portrait of MAV President, Derek, standing in front of a white background

Derek Miller

Favorite Topics

  • Gender Socialization
  • Comprehensive Sex Ed
  • Consent
  • Queer Activism


  • Choreography
  • Playwriting
  • Spontaneous Zumba
  • Film Making
Portrait of MAV Vice-President, Arielle, standing in front of a white background

Arielle Raveney

Favorite Topics

  • Rape Culture
  • Equality
  • Gender Socialization
  • Privilege


  • Ending the Patriarchy
  • Music: Listening, Singing and Dancing
  • Laughing until I cry with the ones I love
  • Food: Eating and Cooking
Portrait of MAV Social Media Officer, Courtney, standing in front of a white background

Courtney Kennerson
Event Coordinator

Favorite Topics

  • Sexual Violence Prevention
  • Consent
  • Social Justice
  • Domestic Policy Issues


  • Dancing
  • Promoting Prevention
  • Attending Concerts
  • Yoga
Portrait of MAV Secretary, John, standing in front of a white background

John Gamez

Favorite Topics

  • Gender Expression
  • Intersectionality
  • Queer Normalization
  • Human Sexuality Spectrum


  • Discovering New Music
  • Meeting New People
  • Spontaneous Adventures with Friends
  • Having Meaningful Conversations