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COVID-19 On-Campus Testing

Pictured is a student coughing in front of the Curative Van. The Texas State University Logo.

Texas State University has partnered with the Texas Division of Emergency Management to bring free COVID-19 testing to our campus community. The PCR test is collected with a shallow nasal swab and results are provided in less than 48 hours. All Texas State faculty, staff and students are eligible for the testing but it is not recommended for those who have had a positive test within the last 90 days.

There is one testing location available on the San Marcos campus.

Curative COVID-19 Testing on the San Marcos Campus

The Curative Testing Kiosk is located on the plaza between Flowers Hall and the Evans Liberal Arts building. Testing is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Register for the free test by visiting the Curative Appointment website (This link works best in Safari, Chrome or Firefox). Be sure to click on "All TXST Students, Faculty, and Staff Testing Kiosk at Flowers Hall" when selecting the testing location. You may choose a date and time. 

COVID-19 Testing near the Round Rock Campus

  • Georgetown Public Library - Trailer - Appointment Required, 707 South Martin Luther King Jr St, Georgetown, TX 78626: To register for a test, visit the Curative Appointment webpage
  • Round Rock - Kiosk, 2008 Enterprise Dr., Round Rock, TX 78664: To register for a test, visit the Curative Appointment Webpage
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  • On-Campus Testing FAQs

    • The Curative Testing Kiosk is located on the plaza between Flowers Hall and the Evans Liberal Arts building.


    • The on-campus testing site is available for all current Texas State University students, faculty and staff. Once you schedule an appointment and arrive at the site, you will be asked to present your Texas State University ID.

      NOTE: It is not recommended for those who have had a positive test within the last 90 days.

    • First, register online to get a testing time window. You will then receive a link for a video educating you on the collection process. Then, check-in at the site during your testing window. At the testing site, you will be placed in a testing line to be tested. Once you are checked in and receive your testing kit, remove the swab from its packaging being careful to not touch the swab on any surface before or after the sample collection. Hold the swab on its scoreline and gently insert it into one of your nostrils about half an inch until the tip of the swab is no longer visible. Rotate the swab around the walls of the nostril at least three times to ensure saturation. Repeat in your other nostril. You will then uncap the lid of the tube in the kiosk, place the swab in the tube, close the tube and turn it upside down several times to mix the specimen with tube solution. Place the tube in the biohazard bag and seal the top. Return the bag to the Curative worker.

    • To receive a Curative test on the San Marcos Campus, Texas State University students, faculty and staff can schedule an appointment on the Curative Appointment website (This link works best in Safari Chrome or Firefox). For the kiosk, choose "All TXST Students, Faculty, and Staff Testing Kiosk at Flowers Hall" when selecting the testing location. 

    • The Curative Inc. On-Campus Testing Kiosk offers a self-administered PCR test to determine an active COVID-19 infection. The self-administered test is collected using a shallow nasal swab.

      For more information on the specific test type, visit the Accelerated Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) Summary for the Curative SARS-COV-2 Assay (KorvaLabs Inc. Clinical Laboratory) on the FDA's webpage (

    • There is no cost for individuals being tested.

    • Tests are available for symptomatic and asymptomatic patients at all of the testing sites.

      Please note that symptoms may be due to influenza or other respiratory illnesses. If you are experiencing symptoms, it is recommended that you consider making an appointment with a medical provider.

    • Yes, Curative’s test is authorized under the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). The test is NOT authorized for at home sample collection.

      To view the EUA Summary, visit

  • Curative Inc. Sample Collection and Results FAQs

      • Remove swab from packaging
      • Hold the swab on its score line and insert about half an inch into each nostril until the swab is no longer visible
      • Rotate the swab around the walls of each nostril at least three times
      • Ensure the swab has not been touched, dropped, or contaminated in any way
      • Place the cap on the tube securely and making sure the swab tip is facing downward in the liquid
      • Return the bag the securely sealed so the tube doesn’t fall out
    • Patients cannot eat, drink, chew gum or smoke in the 20 minutes leading up to their test. If they have, they will be asked to wait 20 minutes before collecting a sample.

    • There is not a minimum or maximum age limit. For this testing site, any current Texas State University student, faculty and staff member can be tested.

    • All tests are processed at a CLIA-certified lab in Austin, Texas.

    • Emails will be sent to each patient with their result (whether negative, positive, or indeterminate). All positive results will be reported to the local public health department. Email communications will include local resources, including information on the Bobcat Trace Contact Tracing System.

    • You will be asked to isolate. Follow instructions from your notification and local public health department.

      Please log into the Bobcat Trace Contact Tracing System and report your positive test. You will receive detailed instructions on how long to isolate and a letter you can share with your instructors / supervisors. A contact tracer will call to discuss your activities prior to your positive test and any symptoms to help determine the duration of your isolation. They will also help you determine any close contacts (Anyone that was within 6 feet for 15 minutes or more while you were contagious), so they can be informed and instructed to quarantine and test. If you live in university housing (a residence hall or Bobcat Village), you will be contacted by the Department of Housing and Residential Life staff to arrange temporary relocation to an on-campus isolation or quarantine space.

      Download the current Student Health Center COVID-19 Isolation Resource document to help you during your isolation period, it includes:

      • 14-Day Symptom & Temperature Log
      • Instructions for Living with Someone Who Has COVID-19 (Presumed or Confirmed) Illness
      • Instructions for Home Care with COVID-19 (Presumed or Confirmed) Illness
      • Mental Health Support During Isolation/Quarantine
      • Texas State Community COVID-19 Resources
    • An "Indeterminate" result means that a test was performed two times, but there wasn’t enough human material to generate a conclusive result. This is most often caused by patients not coughing before swabbing their mouth or by not swabbing their mouth long enough. If the swab dropped on the floor or scrapped another surface, that could contaminate results as well. Between 1-3% of test results are indeterminate