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Travel Health

UPDATE: Travel Health Consultations are Available

Prior to your Travel Health Appointment you must do the following:

  • Print out and complete the Pre-Travel Health Consultation and History Form. (See above to download PDF document)
  • You will need to bring the above completed form along with your immunization record to your Travel Health appointment.  You may be able to find information about your immunization records from your healthcare provider, your high school nurse or your local Health Department.
  • You may need a second appointment if:
    • The immunizations that are recommended for your trip need to be ordered
    • You have not completed the Pre-Travel Health Consultation and History Form
    • Numerous immunizations are required
    • Prescriptions are needed

If you have any questions, please call 512.245.2161 during clinic hours.

Your Travel Health Appointment will include:

  • Detailed information and advice specific to your travel itinerary that contains information on any travel advisories and other relevant country-specific information (e.g., high altitude preparation, disease outbreaks).
  • After review of your previous immunizations, the most appropriate immunizations and travel medications will be recommended and given based on your destination, duration of travel, activities, and medical conditions.
  • Prescriptions for recommended medications for such problems as malaria, traveler's diarrhea, and altitude sickness.


  • Travel Health consultations and appointments are available to all Texas State University students, staff and faculty.
  • We recommend that you plan on making your travel appointment at least 6-8 weeks prior to your planned departure.

Travel Health Group Presentations

The Student Health Center also offers group travel health presentations on the travel destinations, and information on the recommended vaccines for staff, faculty, and students. There is no cost for the presentation.

If interested in a Travel Health Group Presentation, the group leader should:

  • Contact Debbie Karajankovich, Assistant Director of Clinical Services at 512.245.2161 or to set up a date andtime for the presentation.
  • Travelers attending the group presentation will need to bring the following to the group meeting:
    • Copy of their insurance card (front and back).
    • Completed Pre-Travel Health Consultation form (this will be sent to the group leader to distribute to all the travelers).
    • Immunization Record
  • Appointments for recommended vaccines can be made at the time of the group presentation.