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Sports Medicine Clinic

Professional photo of Dr. Bryant Frazier, M.D.

Bryant Frazier, M.D.

University of Massachusetts Medical School

Worcester, Massachusetts

Board Certified in Sports Medicine

Board Certified in Family Medicine

Sports Medicine Isn't Just for Athletes!

Sports Medicine is available for all students. The Sports Medicine Clinic at the Student Health Center focuses on non-operative orthopedic injuries, trauma to musculoskeletal system (fractures, sprains, etc.) and overuse injuries.

  • Shoulder -- separation, dislocation, rotator cuff strain, labral tear
  • Elbow -- Epicondylitis (tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow), biceps or triceps strain
  • Hand/Wrist – tendinitis, carpal tunnel, finger dislocations
  • Knee – runner’s knee, ligament tears, meniscal tears, patellar dislocation
  • Ankle – sprains, shin splints, tendinitis
  • Feet – flat feet, plantar fasciitis, toe injuries
  • Spine – muscle strains, scoliosis, herniated disks, sciatica, pain down the arms or legs
  • General med – Concussion, tension headaches, exercise induced asthma, pre-season sports exams, returning to activity after illness (mono)

To make an appointment in our Sports Medicine Clinic, call 512.245.2161, ask for Dr. Frazier.