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STI Screenings and HIV Testing

It's Worth Knowing: Get Tested. Call 512-245-2161 to schedule an STI screening at the Student Health Center today.

What can I expect during an STI Screening?

Students without symptoms can be seen in Nurse Clinic with no office visit charge. Students will be charged for lab tests needed to screen for sexually transmitted infections. The Nurse Clinic visit and lab testing usually take about 15 minutes and you can make an appointment to fit your schedule. Results will be sent to the Patient Portal in 2-3 business days after your visit with additional instructions if needed. In some cases, it may be necessary for the nurse to schedule a patient with a medical provider for further evaluation or treatment and a charge would be incurred for the office visit.

Tests Recommended During Screening

  • Chlamydia - $25

  • Gonorrhea - $25

  • Syphilis - $17

  • HIV - $15

Other screenings may be recommended

If you have insurance with preventive coverage, testing costs may be completely covered. Visit our Insurance page for more information about the insurance accepted in our clinic.

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    • Herpes

    • HPV*

    *The only existing test for HPV is a cervical swab during a pap smear.

  • Anonymous HIV testing is done without any personal information (including name, medical history or anything else) being attached to your visit. When you call to make the appointment, the appointment clerk will ask for a name to call in the lobby; give them any name you like. Check in with the receptionist by giving them the name you are using and a nurse will call you back for brief counseling questions. The nurse then sends you to the lab. Once the blood sample is collected, the lab technician will give you a number to identify which sample is yours.

  • Packet will include:

    • 1 Trojan Condom*
    • 1 Flavored Condom
    • Sample ID Glide water based Lubricant
    • 1 Safer Sex - Proper Condom Usage Card

    *Items are available for purchase in the Student Health Center Pharmacy.

Frequently Asked Questions About STIs