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Supporting and Reporting For All Bobcats: Sexual Violence Resource Card

Sexual violence is common and can affect anyone. It can also interfere with a person’s physical, mental and emotional health.  Because survivors often feel silenced after a traumatic event we want to ensure all students know their options. There are numerous resources provided for survivors. Below are the contacts for who can help with reporting to Title IX or reporting to the Police, which are separate investigations. It is also important to know who on campus students can speak with confidentially. The Student Health Center wants all students to feel safe and knows where to turn for help.

Supporting and Reporting for all Bobcats. Students have the Right to learn and live at Texas State free from dating and sexual violence. Confidential Campus and Community Support includes the Counseling Center, Student Health Center, Hays-Caldwell Women's Center and Attorney for Students. Reporting On Campus is done through the Title IV Coordinator and/or University Police Department.