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Clinical Services

Due to COVID-19, we have made some changes to the types of visits that are available for services.

Each section has been update to tell whether the services is: 

  • In-Person Visit,

  • Telehealth (Remote) Visit or,

  • Temporarily Unavailable

Primary Care Services

The Student Health Center is staffed by several full-time licensed physicians and certified nurse practitioners to keep you healthy while you are attending Texas State University. We offer medical care similar to what you would receive from your family physician. 

Primary care is patient-focused general care for adults, children, and families. A person’s primary care provider is typically the first one a patient turns to for diagnosing and treating common illnesses such as colds, flu, fevers, aches, and pains, as well as minor injuries. In additional to a physical examination, evaluation may involve blood work and other diagnostic tests.

Primary care providers also educate patients on how to prevent and spot diseases as part of routine check-ups. During these wellness visits, the provider may update immunizations and review medications a patient uses, including over-the-counter drugs and supplements. Primary care providers also help people manage chronic conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Please call 512.245.2161 to schedule future and same-day appointments.

In-Person Services: Telehealth Services: Temporarily Unavailable Services:
  • Physicals for Programs
  • STI Screening with symptoms
  • Skin Conditions
  • Refills of Chronic Medication
  • STI Screening without symptoms
  • Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)
  • Annual Exams (Physicals)

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COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 active infection testing is available at the main Student Health Center (SHC) for Texas State University Students, Faculty and Staff who meet our testing criteria. If you would like to be evaluated for COVID-19 testing at the Student Health Center, call the Student Health Center at 512.245.2161.

Testing Process: When you call, you will be scheduled with a provider for a Telehealth visit to evaluate your symptoms and/or risk factors. If it is determined that you meet our testing criteria, you will be scheduled for a COVID-19 test. When arriving for your scheduled test, please wait in your car and follow instructions when you are called.

COVID-19 Testing Type at SHC: Our diagnostic test is performed with a nasal swab by our health care staff. This molecular PCR test collects samples of cells and fluids from the respiratory system through the patient's nasal cavity. This test diagnoses for active coronavirus infection. Some common side effects from the testing include nasal irritation and nosebleeds.

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Urgent Care

We provide Urgent Care Services for students with medical conditions that require prompt evaluation.

Visit Type: In-Person Visits

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Nurse Clinic

The Nurse Clinic provides a broad range of reasonably priced services for patients, including blood pressure screening, wound care, spirometry and other services listed below.

Visit Type: Telehealth and In-Person Visits

  • In-Person Nurse Clinic Visits

    • Texas State students who have started an allergy desensitization program (allergy shots) with an allergist can have their injections administered in our Nurse Clinic. To learn more about getting your allergy shots at the Texas State Student Health Center, click the link below.

      Immunotherapy Requirements

      Immunotherapy Orders (To be completed by Allergist's Office) 

      NOTE: Allergy testing is not available at Texas State Student Health Center.

    • Anonymous HIV testing is done without any personal information (including name, medical history or anything else) being attached to your visit. When you call to make the appointment, the appointment clerk will ask for a name to call in the lobby; give him/her any name you like. Check in with the receptionist by giving her the name you are using and a nurse will call you back for brief counseling questions. The nurse then sends you to the lab. Once the blood sample is collected, the lab technician will give you a number to identify which sample is yours.

      Confidential HIV testing is similar to any other office visit. The results are included in your medical record, but kept in the strictest confidence. Medical record confidentiality is protected under state and federal law.

      For more information, visit our STI Screenings and HIV Testing webpage.

    • Information on vaccines offered in our Nurse Clinic:

      Travel Health vaccines available (by special order only):

      NOTE: The links provided are from the Center for Disease Control.

      For more information on immunization, visit the CDC's Adult Immunization Schedule.

    • Established patients continuing their scheduled injections for Depo-Provera will have an in-person visit the Student Health Center for their appointments.

    • Pregnancy Testing in-house:

      • Urine Tests with results the same day


      • Blood tests with results at a later date

      If you are interested in at home pregnancy test, our Pharmacy has over-the-counter urine pregnancy testing kits available for sale. Call 512.245.3590 or order from our new Pharmacy Online Store - purchase online and pick-up curbside!

    • Tuberculosis (TB) testing for professional schools, volunteer work, travel, etc. is available through our Nurse Clinic

      • TB skin tests are available.  This may be covered under your insurance. NOTE: This service is not available on Thursdays.
      • TB blood tests are available. This may be covered under your insurance.

      You can walk-in or call 512.245.2161 to schedule an appointment for a TB test.

  • Telehealth Nurse Clinic Services

    • The QUIT Program is a free smoking cessation program offered to students, faculty and staff. Participants receive a personal assessment, private counseling with a nurse, self-help materials, information about smoking cessation aids and follow-up support. If additional appointments are needed, students can see a Student Health Center physician. Faculty and staff who need prescription medication should make an appointment with their primary care physician (PCP).  Discounted smoking cessation medications are available in the Student Health Center Pharmacy.

  • Temporarily Unavailable Nurse Clinic Services

    • The Student Health Center offers Travel Health services. We recommend a travel appointment is made at least 6-8 weeks prior to your planned departure.

       A Travel Health appointment includes:

      • Detailed information and advice specific to your travel itinerary that contains information on any travel advisories and other relevant country-specific information (e.g., high altitude preparation, disease outbreaks).
      • After review of your previous immunizations, the most appropriate immunizations and travel medications will be recommended and given based on your destination, duration of travel, activities, and medical conditions.
      • Prescriptions for recommended medications for such problems as malaria, traveler's diarrhea, and altitude sickness.

      For more information, visit our Travel Health webpage. If you have any questions, please call 512.245.2161 during clinic hours.

Sexual and Reproductive Health

(previously referred as "Women's Health" or "Women's Clinic")

The Student Health Center is designed to provide women with a comfortable environment where women feel at ease and respected and can ask questions of a sensitive or uncomfortable nature. We provide several services including annual female health maintenance exams and other routine gynecological exams.

Visit Type: Telehealth and In-Person Visits

Condoms are available over-the-counter from our Pharmacy.

  • Telehealth Sexual and Reproductive Health Services

    • Consultations: Patients are able to schedule an appointment for a birth control consultation with a provider to explore contraception options. This visit will be a Telehealth visit.

      Current contraceptive options available by appointment at the Student Health Center include: Oral contraceptives (the pill), hormonal rings (NuvaRing), contraceptive injections (Depo-Provera), internal condoms, and contraceptive patch.

      Long-acting contraceptives, including contraceptive implants and IUDs are currently unavailable in this clinic.

      Refills: Established patients can schedule an appointment for contraception prescription refills that require a visit with a provider. This appointment will be a Telehealth visit.

      Problems: Patients having problems with their birth control can schedule an appointment with a provider to explore the issues. This appointment will be a Telehealth visit.


    • a

    • Mirena® is a progestin hormone-releasing IUD that prevents pregnancy for up to 5 years. At about the size of a sugar packet, Mirena® contains 52 mg of levonorgestrel. This IUD is approved to help treat heavy periods, with women seeing an 80% reduction in 3 months.

  • Temporarily Unavailable Sexual and Reproductive Health Services

Mental Health Services

Primary care providers, including physicians and nurse practitioners, are available to provide evaluation and medical management for common mental health disorders such as ADHD, anxiety, depression and panic attacks. Students requesting treatment for ADHD must provide medical documentation of neuropsychological testing supporting the diagnosis of ADHD or evaluation and treatment by a psychiatrist for ADHD. We do not test for ADHD or ADD. To request an initial appointment for continuation of care for ADD or ADHD, visit our ADD/ADHD webpage.

Visit Type: Telehealth Visit

NOTE: For information on brief individual, group, couples counseling, consultation and crisis response please visit the Texas State Counseling Center website or call 512.245.2208.


Psychiatrists are available to provide evaluation and medical management of more complicated mental health disorders such as bipolar disorder, eating disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder. Psychiatrists see patients by referral only from Student Health Center medical providers or Counseling Center counselors. Emergency psychiatric evaluations are not offered at the Student Health Center. Patients with severe mental health disorders requiring intensive therapy or monitoring may have to be referred to an off campus health care provider that can provide the necessary level of service. Psychiatric services are available only during normal business hours.

Visit Type: Telehealth Visit

Please call 512.245.2161 if you have any questions or need more information.

Laboratory Services and X-Rays

On-site laboratory and state of the art digital radiology (x-ray) services are available.

  • Many lab tests are performed while you wait.
  • Most lab results are available within two days.
  • X-rays are performed on site.

Visit Type: In-Person Visit


We can perform lab tests or x-rays ordered by your private physician. Simply provide a doctor's order and the results can be faxed to that doctor's office.