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Prescription Assistance

Patient Assistance (RxAssist) programs are run by pharmaceutical companies. These programs help patients who qualify receive medication free of charge or at a reduced rate. Qualifications vary from company to company, but most are based on income and lack of prescription coverage.

Below are sites which provide a directory of available programs for a variety of prescription needs:

NeedyMeds Website Instructions

Step 1: Visit the Needy Meds Website and navigate to the Patient Savings tab

Screenshot of Needy Meds website pointing to patient savings tab.


Step 2: Select either Brand Name Drugs / Generic Name Drugs depending on the prescription you are looking for

Screenshot of Needy Meds website pointing to brand name and generic name drugs bullet points.


Step 3: The prescriptions will be listed in Alphabetical order, use the A-Z list to find your prescription

Screenshot of Needy Meds website pointing to A to Z tab.


Step 4: After finding your desired prescription, click the prescription name to be directed to a page with more information about how to get your application.

Screenshot of Needy Meds website pointing to Ventolin HFA.


Step 5: Use the information provided to either contact the Prescription Assistance provider for your prescription by phone or go to the program's website link.


Screenshot of Needy Meds website pointing to example of Ventolin HFA.


Each prescription assistance provider will have a different set of information on their site pertaining to getting your application. Though each one will look different, most will need a proof of income (pay stubs or tax information).

If you currently do not have any income, please use this Zero Income Letter Draft to create your own letter to be sent in along with your application. This letter must be signed by your doctor before it is sent to the Prescription Assistance company.

If you have any general questions pertaining to the Prescription Assistance application process, call the Admin department at the TXST Student Health Center at 512.245.7457.

*Note that the Texas State Student Health Center is not affiliated with NeedyMeds. It's use by Texas State Student Health Center patients is optional and simply a suggestion if prescription assistance is needed. It is the patient's responsibility to determine which options are available and to acquire the desired application and documentation needed to complete a prescription assistance application.