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Update on Health Promotion Presentations

Due to COVID-19, Health Promotion Services will only offer prerecorded presentations. Please see the descriptions below for information.

We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause. If you have any questions, please email


Presentation's Available to Request:

COVID-19: What Texas State Students Need to Know

Coronavirus illustrated morphology visual. Visual is not accurate in depicting spikes that adorn the outer surface of the virus.

During this unprecedented global pandemic, it is more important than ever to stay informed and promote healthy behaviors. This video aims to inform Texas State students on what they need to know regarding COVID-19. Topics addressed include:

  • The basics of COVID-19 such as prevention and what to do if you’re sick
  • How to cultivate other aspects of health impacted by COVID-19 such as stress-management and sleep
  • Information on healthy relationships and interpersonal violence prevention during the era of social distancing
  • What Texas State is specifically doing to ensure the safety and wellness of students

Understanding Different Forms of Violence and How Students Can Help

Illustration of a person holding up a sign that reads, "I-P-V: A Pandemic"

Though social activities have gone down during this time, interpersonal violence has gone up. In this video, you will learn what violence looks like and how it shows up, how to help those in need of support and examine the outcomes of violence. The forms of violence discussed in this video are: intimate partner violence, hate crimes, and sexual violence.

Presented by: Students Against Violence

Previous Year's Presentations:

The following presentations are not available for the 2021 school year. They will remain on the webpage for future reference and for SACSCOC Accreditation. Thank you for your understanding.

Alcohol Bystander Intervention Training

white speech bubble

Have you ever been concerned about a situation and wanted to help...but didn't?  This presentation will help students gain the skills and confidence to speak up and help reduce the potential for alcohol related injuries or violence.

Presented by: Healthy Cats & Students Against Violence

Close Your Eyes and Count to Zen: Managing Stress in College

Individual sitting and Meditating

Stress is a normal part of the college experience, and because the mind and body are connected, stress can affect our physical health. This presentation explains the science behind stress and ways to manage it as a student.

Presented by: Healthy Cats

Contraception 101

Graphic displaying Condom

Many people have heard of condoms and birth control pills, but what are other ways to prevent pregnancy? This presentation is a comprehensive show-and-tell of the many methods of contraception and their effectiveness. Students will be able to describe a wide range of contraceptive methods as well as resources for taking care of their sexual health.

Presented by: Healthy Cats

Let's Talk: Destigmatizing Mental Health

Brain with a Heart outline within

Mental health is a growing concern among colleges across the nation. This presentation seeks to start the conversation and destigmatize many of the negative perceptions associated with mental health. Students will address mental health stigma, discuss common mental health concerns, and identify ways to help others with their mental wellness.

Presented by: Healthy Cats

Half-Baked: Myths and Facts about Marijuana, Prescription, and Other Drugs

Marijuana leaf along side pills

This presentation covers myths and facts about marijuana and prescription stimulant drugs (a.k.a. study drugs) like Adderall. We’ll discuss the current survey data regarding drug use by Texas State students and how these drugs can impact students’ academic performance and overall health, including mental health.

Presented by: Healthy Cats

Sex, Lies, and Chocolate

two chocolate kisses

Answer a question in this interactive presentation and earn a Hershey Kiss! In this program, students will be quizzed on sexual health in a positive environment. Topics such as safer sex practices, preventing sexually transmitted infections, and utilizing methods of contraception will be addressed.

Presented by: Healthy Cats

Staying Healthy in College

a single apple

Sleep, exercise, nutrition, flu shots, and more! This presentation is a Cliff's Notes version of overall health and wellness. Students will receive an overview of relevant health information to not only prevent illness, but maximize their potential at Texas State.

Presented by: Healthy Cats

The Buzz on College Drinking

Solo cup along side a ping pong ball

Some students arrive on campus with expectations about drinking which have been formed by parents, media and peers. We’ll discuss how prevailing campus social norms about drinking can further influence students’ decisions about alcohol use. Current Texas State survey data will be used to address the actual drinking norms on campus. Other important topics will include preventing alcohol overdose, learning and implementing protective behaviors and identifying on and off-campus resources.

(Note to US1100 instructors: This presentation is very similar to the presentation students receive during Alcohol 101 at Bobcat Preview.)

Presented by: Healthy Cats

Yes Means Yes: Getting Consent


Fact: 1 in 5 American women experience rape or attempted rape in the course of their lifetime.  Unfortunately, those odds change to 1 in 4 when a woman enters college.  This presentation is an interactive discussion based program that reviews acquaintance rape scenarios and emphasizes the importance of explicit verbal consent in sexual relationships.

Presented by: Students Against Violence

Red Flags in Relationships

A red flag outlined in white

Through the use of scenarios and discussion, this presentation encourages students to analyze gender role socialization and how that can perpetuate violence in relationships.  Students will learn signs or "red flags" to look for in unhealthy relationships and how to help a friend who might be involved in such a relationship.

Presented by: Students Against Violence

Hate Wears Many Faces

"Hate" with the prohibition symbol over it

In America, every hour someone commits a hate crime; everyday 8 blacks, 3 whites, 3 gays, 3 Jews, and 1 Latino become a hate crime victim; every week a cross is burned.  This discussion based presentation delves into the motivations and consequences of targeted violence.   

Presented by: Students Against Violence