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What Our Patients Think About Us

"[The Student Health Center] has a welcoming and judgement free environment. They offered additional screenings to help with mental health issues."

"All staff are super sweet, helpful and understanding. I love this Health Center."

"[The Student Health Center] is always welcoming and keeps student information private. They also always help you find what's best for you and your wallet."

The comments above  were comprised from the comments that our students left while completing our Spring 2017 Patient Satisfaction Survey. Complete our Patient Satisfaction Survey for an opportunity to tell us what you think about the Student Health Center!

Patient Satisfaction Survey

Cartoon graphic of the outside of the Student Health Center Building.

The Student Health Center conducts a Patient Satisfaction Survey once each semester (fall and spring) as a way to measure students’ experiences while visiting the Student Health Center. This survey is completely anonymous.

All patients who saw a medical provider or a Nurse Clinic nurse during our survey run time, received an offer for the survey when they checked out at Cashiers. Students who completed the survey, were anonymously entered into a drawing to win a prize. Patients do not leave any identifying information on surveys.


Student Perception

Said that the SHC offers a welcoming and inclusive environment.


Student Perception

Always or frequently got an appointment when needed.


Student Perception

Understood why a mental health evaluation is an important part of a complete health assessment


Student Perception

Rated the courtesy and respect of their provider as excellent.