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Student Health Advisory Committee logo. The words Student Health Advisory Commitee are stacked vertically. The first letter of each word is bolded to higlight the acronym SHAC. To the left of the words is a blue health cross with pawprint outline.

SHAC provides important input regarding the operation and services of the Student Health Center.  SHAC’s responsibilities include reviewing the Student Health Center’s strategic plan, annual budget, student health insurance plan and any recommended Medical Service Fee increases.  The Committee’s recommendations are submitted to the Director of the Student Health Center and the Vice President for Student Affairs.

SHAC 2017 - 2018 Membership List

Student Government Representatives:

  • Brooklyn Boreing

  • Alley Anderson

Student Representatives:

  • Shelby Flores-Thorpe

  • Isaac Cantu

  • Omowunmi Enigbokan

  • Tiffany Rodriguez

  • Chani Cleveland

  • Krystal Coronado

  • Jose Martinez

  • Hayden Matz

  • Haley Hartsfield

  • Ashley Khanhkham

  • Adriana Sanchez

  • Cynthia Jacobo Sandoval

Faculty Representative:

Dr. Ollie Seay

Assistant Professor, Psychology

Staff Representative:

Rachael Weldon-Caron

Grant Director, Educational Talent Search

Student Health Center Staff:

Dr. Emilio Carranco, Director

Karen Gordon-Sosby, Associate Director



All interested students may apply to be a student representative on SHAC.  SHAC applications open once a year, each September.  SHAC interviews take place in October.  SHAC meets 3-4 times per year.
For any questions or comments about SHAC, please contact Karen Gordon-Sosby at