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Student Health Advisory Committee

Student Health Advisory Committee logo. To the left of the words is a blue health cross with pawprint outline.

The Student Health Center Advisory Committee (SHAC) provides important input regarding the operation and services of the Student Health Center. SHAC’s responsibilities include reviewing the Student Health Center’s strategic plan, annual budget, student health insurance plan and any recommended Medical Service Fee increases. The Committee’s recommendations are submitted to the Director of the Student Health Center and the Vice President for Student Affairs.

Policy and Procedure Statement: Student Health Center Advisory Committee SA/PPS No. 07.11 (08.06)

SHAC 2020 - 2021 Membership List

Student Government Representatives:

  • Jenna Stephanos
  • To Be Determined

Student Representatives:

  • Brittany Myers
  • Carol Jiwan
  • Destiny Rogers
  • Diego Hurtado
  • Kaitlyn Herman
  • Katharine Heinemann
  • Michael Ferony
  • Nicole Hubbard
  • Priscilla Martinez
  • Sage Sowels
  • Salma Torrez
  • Valeria Reyes

Faculty Representative:

  • Dr. Carrie Ann Johnson, Clinical Associate Professor, St. David’s School of Nursing

Staff Representative:

  • Mitzie Rojas, Assistant Director, Fitness & Wellness, Campus Recreation

Student Health Center Staff:

  • Dr. Emilio Carranco, Director
  • Amber Trojcak, Business Manager

SHAC meets three to five times per year. SHAC applications are now open for the 2021-2022 year. Apply now by completing the 2022 SHAC Application on our webpage.
For any questions or comments about SHAC, please contact Amber at