Online Waiver Request Process

Waiver Process

  1. Verify waiver eligibility
    Review the criteria below to see if your insurance meets the Texas State University insurance requirements for amounts, medical evacuation & repatriation, etc.

CRITERIA for students attending Texas State University for more than ONE semester:

  • Out of pocket costs may not exceed $6350 per year for an individual or $12,700 per year for a family
  • Unlimited Coverage for injury or sickness
  • $10,000 of medical evacuation to home country
  • $7,500 medical repatriation of remains
  • Co-Insurance amount may not be less than 60%
  • Coverage for preventative care at 100% in network including immunizations, physical exams and birth control with no cost sharing
  • Essential benefits as defined by the Affordable Care Act must be covered;
    (No internal caps on essential benefits, including mental health, pregnancy, prescriptions, surgery, emergency room, doctor visits, hospitalization, physical therapy)
  • No pre-existing condition limitations
  • Have a phone contact within the United States
  • Proof of health insurance provided in English and US Currency only
  1. Prepare Your Proof of Insurance Documentation
    1. You must have the following information ready to scan/upload to the Academic Health Plan (AHP) Portal because the system will NOT allow you to continue without uploading documentation.
      1. Copy of the front and back of the medical insurance card showing your name and coverage dates.
      2. Copy of the benefits summary (policy) page with medical and deductible amounts highlighted.
      3. Copy of medical evacuation and repatriation coverage.
  1. Complete the Online Waiver Request 

June 1 : FINAL Deadline to submit waiver requests.

  • Submitting an online waiver request and submitting proof of insurance does not mean you are approved to have your insurance fee removed from your registration bill.
  • AHP will review your proof of insurance and compare it against the insurance coverage requirements of the university to make sure your insurance coverage is the same or better.
  1. Wait – Please allow 7 business days for waiver request & proof of insurance to be reviewed.
    Academic Health Plans Staff will review your request in seven business days. In order to have fees removed for Summer/Summer II 2015; please submit the waiver request at least Seven business days before the deadline of 6/01/2015.   Otherwise, you may have to pay the insurance fee and then wait for a refund at a later date, if your waiver is approved. 

  2. Monitor your Texas State University email.
    You will receive a notice via your Texas State University email letting you know if your waiver request was approved or denied. The Student Health Center will also be copied on your email.
  1. Approved waiver:
    If your waiver request is approved, check your student account.  If you receive an email from AHP stating your insurance waiver request is approved, the Student Health Center will remove the health insurance fee from your registration bill. The insurance fee will be applied to any account balances first.  If your tuition and fees are already paid in full, the insurance fee is reimbursed by the Student Business Services Office (SBS) through your Direct Deposit or via a mailed check after the waiver.  Any questions about reimbursement should be directed to the SBS Office; please call 512-245-2648.

  2. Denied waiver:
    If your waiver request is denied, your name, contact information and health insurance fee will be sent to the insurance company and you will be enrolled in the student health insurance plan.
  • You will receive an email from AHP stating the reason your request was denied.  Reason(s) for denial may include; Waiver deadline not met and unfortunately, waivers submitted past due date are not be accepted; Or proof documents did not meet the criteria.

Please contact Elsa Thorn at the SHC with questions about the Waiver Request Process; 512-245-8437. 

For additional information or assistance with the AHP Student Portal, please contact Academic Health Plans Customer Service at (855) 850-4298.

Thank you,
Texas State University – Student Health Center