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Health Insurance at the Student Health Center & Pharmacy

Collage of patients being assisted by nurses and providers with text that reads "The best is right here."

The Student Health Center Pharmacy accepts most insurance plans. Call 512-245-3590 for more information.

The Student Health Center clinic will file health insurance claims for patients.  We will file claims for in-network providers only (see below.) Insurance benefits can be filed for office visit charges, procedures, immunizations, lab tests and x-rays.

The Student Health Center clinic is in-network with the following providers:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (PPO/POS, HealthSelect)
  • Aetna (PPO and Managed Choice only)
  • Cigna (PPO, Open Access Plus, and Local Plus Network)
  • Texas State Student Health Insurance Plan- United Healthcare/AHP
  • United Healthcare (Choice, Choice Plus)

The Student Health Center does not accept any HMO products or government programs (Medicare, Medicaid, or Tricare) at this time.

Patients should give the Health Center their insurance information prior to their first visit. When you call to make your appointment, please give your member ID number. Bring your insurance card to your visit.

Students must bring their insurance card to every visit. By giving the Student Health Center your insurance information, you are authorizing the Health Center to file a claim with your insurance company for services rendered.

Cost of Services When Using Insurance Benefits

Your cost will be dependent on your plan benefits. The Student Health Center is required to collect co-pays, co-insurance or deductibles according to your insurance plan coverage.  Please see list of insurance terms below.  Students who want to use their insurance benefits must provide their insurance information to the Student Health Center before receiving services.

Out of network patients may receive a detailed claim from the Cashier Department that can be used to submit to their insurance company for reimbursement.


Common Health Insurance Terms

Co-pay – A fixed amount paid by the patient at the time of service. For example, a $25.00 co-pay for doctor’s office visits. Co-pay amounts vary by plan.  Co-pays required are usually shown on the patient’s health insurance card.

Co-insurance - The patient portion of the charges that must be paid for a covered service.  For example, a patient may owe 20% of the charges for a lab test or procedure. Co-insurance amounts vary by plan.

Deductible – The amount owed by the patient before the plan benefits can be used. For example, a patient may have to pay the first $300 to $500 of charges before the insurance plan benefits apply.  Note: the deductible may not apply to all services. 

Premium – The amount that must be paid for the health insurance plan coverage to be in effect.  The patient and/or their employer usually pay the premiums to the insurance company monthly, quarterly or yearly.  Plans with lower premium costs usually have higher deductibles.

Preventive Services – Services such as required immunizations, screening tests for sexually transmitted infections, or annual physicals provided at no cost to the patient.  Patients should check with their insurance plan regarding coverage for preventive services.


For a more complete list of health insurance terms and examples please click here.

Privacy Note: For students who are using their parent's health insurance, please be aware that your parent may receive a summary of your visit from the insurance company (called an Explanation of Benefits). The summary would show what services were received. If you have a privacy concern related to your visit, please call the Cashier Department at 512.245.2161, option 4 to discuss your options prior to receiving care.