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Texas State Domestic Student Health Insurance Plan

Domestic and Non-F1 and J-1 Students

2017-2018 Coverage is Still Available!
Coverage is still available for Summer only.
To enroll for Summer 2018, click here.

2018-2019 Coverage is Available Now!
To enroll, view the plan brochure & a complete list of plan benefits & exlusions click here.

    ✔ Monthly Payment Plan Available for Annual Coverage
    • $638 to enroll (covers 2 months)
    • 10 monthly installments of $319 starting in September
    ✔PPO Plan with United Healthcare
    • Freedom to see any in-network provider
    • All Student Health Center Providers are in-network!
    ✔Essential Health Benefits Covered
    • Office Visits
    • Lab Services
    • Emergency Services
    • Ambulatory Services
    • Hospitalization
    • Prescriptions
    • Genuine Financial Protection
    ✔Preventive Services Covered 100%
    • Birth Control
    • Immunizations
    • Annual Exams
    • STI Screening Tests
    ✔Great Coverage at Student Health Center and Pharmacy!
    • $30 Co-Pay to see provider
    • $10 (Generic) or $25(Name Brand) Co-Pay at Pharmacy
    • No additional Charges - Deductible completely waived at Student Health Center and Pharmacy!
    ✔FREE Virtual Doctor Visits Available on Smart Phone
    ✔FREE Student Assistance Program Available
    • Legal Advice Available
    ✔FREE Access to Counseling via text/phone/video chat

Got questions about using the Student Health Insurance Plan at the Student Health Center?
Give us a call at 512.245.2161.

View PDF of 2018-2019 Domestic Student Health Insurance Plan Flyer

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