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What Our Patients Think About Us

The word graph below was comprised from the comments that our students left while completing our Spring 2017 Patient Satisfaction Survey. The size of the word correlates directly to how many times it was used by our patients to describe their experience while at the Student Health Center. Complete our Patient Satisfaction Survey for an opportunity to tell us what you think about the Student Health Center!


Patient Satisfaction Survey

The Student Health Center conducts a Patient Satisfaction Survey once each semester (fall and spring) as a way to measure students’ experiences while visiting the Student Health Center. This survey is administered for one week, at the time of check out. This survey is completely anonymous. Patients will not be asked to leave any identifying information on the survey.

There are two versions of the survey. You will complete a maroon survey if you were seen in our Nurse Clinic. If you were seen by a Provider, you will complete a teal survey. Once the survey has been completed, we will ask you to fold the survey and place it into the collection box. You will then be entered into a drawing to win a prize of your choosing. Because this survey is anonymous, you will fill out a separate slip with your information to be used in the prize drawing. The prize slip will in no way be tied to the survey. Again, this survey is completely anonymous. This past spring, we collected 672 surveys and had an impressive response rate of 90%. 99.6% of students agreed that the Student Health Center provides a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.